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The most affordable and practical catering service system!
YO FOODIE provides one-stop digital solutions for Hong Kong's catering industry, providing a variety of management systems and operation services to meet different business models, which is more in line with the operation and management mode of Hong Kong's catering industry and the consumption habits of customers. Our team has rich experience in membership marketing, and it is a professional system supplier and a professional operation service provider as well.

Dine-in scanning code, self-pickup takeaway and mobile self-ordering system

POS system with integrated payment

Member Marketing Management System

Supply Chain Central Management System

Yo Jetso
Yo Foodie Scan Code for Dine-in

CRM Membership Management System

Electronic Payment Cashier System

Marketing Management System

Financial Data Systems

Free System Operation Services and Menu Settings

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Yo Foodie Self-pickup Takeaway

No additional listing fees, handling fees and operating costs are required

Platform Members Become Your Own Members

Customers place orders directly with the restaurant

Multiple functions- > 1 is equal to 4 sets of management systems, no surcharge required

Free system operation services and menu settings

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Electronic Payment
HK Payment Institution Limited. was established in 2017 to provide enterprises with one-stop digital payment solutions and the most affordable rate electronic payment solutions, helping large, medium and small enterprises to move from traditional to digital.
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Catering Merchants Cases sharing
YO FOODIE has gained trust and favor in many restaurants such as Twelve Flavors,Yang Kee Spicy Fish Restaurant, Gwing Kee, Meow Barbecue HK, Ro Izakaya, Gwing Kee Authentic Sour and Spicy Rice Noodles, Gwing Kee Authentic Hand-made Beef Ball King, and Lao Changsha Hunan Restaurant.
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